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Hello, heARTful KIDS!

Have you ever had to hold in a secret that you couldn't wait to shout from the rooftops?

That's what the past year has felt like as we've been working behind the scenes for a smooth transition to our new name. Saying goodbye to CosmicKIDS felt sad until our new name organically found us. Finally, it is with a full heART that we get to formally announce our new name:

hello heARTful KIDS ™

After seven years of growing our mission as CosmicKIDS, transitioning to heARTful KIDS Consulting will continue to be an adjustment, but one that we are so excited to make.

What does the transition mean for our programming?

Much of our in-person programming will remain the same (only better as we implement our learning from last year's development). Our littles who expressed concern when we announced the name change also found relief and excitement when we shared that our programming is here to stay.

It also means that our Elements of heART program is getting a HUGE upgrade that includes some fun updates on the horizon:

∞ a 2nd edition of our Little Hands workbook

∞ a brand new Big Hands edition to help parents and teachers facilitate the program

∞ a digital suite of unique resources to empower you with tools for social-emotional learning through art

We are so excited to be able to offer these resources to you and to a wider community of families by taking our tools online. Since we are still a very small team, navigating this season of transition has taken a lot of patience, persistence and time. Thank you for your grace, interest and support as we expand our ability to empower you with tools for creative transformation.

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