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The Big Hands Edition (of our Elements of heART program) is Here!

After 7 years of building our signature creativity and character program, the new Big Hands Edition for parents and teachers is officially here!

The Elements of heART Big Hands Edition

The most exciting thing about the Big Hands Workbook is its versatility. It can be used as a comprehensive K-5 classroom curriculum or an at home edutainment guide for parents that targets social-emotional learning through art. It brings new dimension and insight for adults who are looking to cultivate creativity, connection and character with the children in their lives.

This book contains an array of valuable educational resources and frameworks compiled from nearly two decades of facilitation including: a social-emotional learning guide, book lists (for kids and adults), community games, coloring sheets, 8 unique learning adventures, and over 80 art projects that build character and connection through visual literacy.

We are so excited to demo this book in classrooms all around the Bay Area and beyond this fall and plan to use it as our guide to launching the 2nd edition of the Little Hands Workbook (complete with new coloring sheets and updated illustrations) for the New Year.

This program is something truly unique and we're working so hard behind the scenes to make it both spectacular and accessible!

The Big Hands Edition will officially be on sale in January 2023, but if you have questions, would like to be placed on the pre-order list, or would like to be a donor for a pilot classroom, please reach out.

We are beyond grateful for your support in sharing these tools for transformation with kids, families and communities and can't wait to share more BIG developments that are unfolding.

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