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The Year Ahead (+ Symbolic Forecasting)

Feeling the need to start planning for the year ahead? Successful planning starts with reflection.

You've probably learned a lot this year, but are you clear on what that is?

Now is the time to pause, ask and answer some meaningful questions about what's working, what's not, where to pull back and show up more.

Pausing is an easily overlooked step. In fact, incubation is an important part of growth.

Did the year fly by? Honor your efforts and increase the likelihood of leveraging what you learned by asking yourself about it with questions like:

∞ What areas of my life take up most of my mental or emotional space each week?

∞ Which activities left me feeling energized and which ones left me feeling depleted?

∞ Are there any tasks hanging over my head that I could wrap up in the last few weeks of the year to clear space in the year ahead?

∞ What would I like to prioritize more of and what would I like to say 'no' to more?

∞ Am I enjoying my life? What could bring more joy to my days?

∞ Where is my health? Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually?

∞ Which areas of my life are craving more attention? More compassion? More discipline? More trust?

To deepen this process, choose a few questions that resonate and journal about them. Letting yourself free write can help you uncover new insights and empty some of the mental chatter that can keep us feeling stuck.

I hope you'll make it a full on date with yourself. Grab a blanket and a cup of coffee or tea and dive in for 10-20 minutes of uninterrupted written reflection. There is so much power in putting pen to paper.

If you feel stirred by the questions about your whole self (either clearly drawn to thinking about them or averse to it completely), I urge you to check out the Symbolic Forecasting workshop that I host each year. In it, we use your innate creativity and an ancient inventory to uncover intuitive insights about which areas of your holistic well-being to focus on in the year ahead.

A simple reminder before you reflect on the year behind or plan for the year ahead: You are the greatest authority on your own growth. You have a wealth of intuitive knowing within you. If you feel disconnected from your intuition right now, you can take some simple steps to slow down and rebuild this relationship with yourself.

The Symbolic Forecasting workshop is designed to leverage your own intuitive knowing and amplify your awareness through creative investigation through the power of community and conscious attention.

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