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Value of Solution-Seeking

Value of Solution-Seeking is our fifth learning adventure in the in the Elements of heART program. By this point in the curriculum, students have developed some hard skills, a deeper awareness of themselves and others, a body of work and a new found sense of creative empowerment.

They have a foundation for understanding how to use the elements of art as tools for expressing their ideas to create more visually impactful designs. Many of our littles begin to embody the truth that being a great artist is about more than making great art; it's about the joyous integrity of leading from the heart.

The Value of Solution-Seeking learning adventure reiterates the power of growth mindset thinking by reframing problems as potential opportunities. This is a powerful unit because as students are introduced to the idea of value in art (a range from light to dark) they are also given an opportunity define and share what matters most to them; articulating their values and hearing others do the same is a powerful conversation that many young people don't get to experience outside of their homes.

This dual focus on value creates a container for young learners to connect over shared values, appreciate and learn from one another's differences and deepen their awareness of themselves. A stronger sense of community develops from connecting amidst a focus on values that support deeper compassion and creative expression.

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