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Blog-A-Versary: 10 Lessons learned From One year of Consistent Blogging

Are there any identities or practices that you deeply desire to cultivate or share, but resist out of fear?

For years, I'd written in secret, but never dared allowed myself to share it... let alone own the label of writer. ( I still don't call myself a writer, though one day hope to).

One year ago, I committed to writing at least one blog post per week. This decision was motivated by three factors (outside of being stuck at home 98% of the time):

1) After ten years of focused personal and professional development amidst consistent creative practice (during which time I ultimately discovered that the intertwining of these domains had become my braided spiritual path), I feel that I have accumulated a wealth of learning that I feel called to share.

2) Cognitive dissonance is painful. I was journaling daily in secret and it was clear that the next step-- albeit a leap-- was to begin sharing my writing with the world in hopes that my insights might help/empower/inspire you.

3) My only hope outside of boldly developing a new dimension of myself was to make a positive impact on just one person with my words. That was my only goal. I told myself that if I could just help one person, the leap would have been worth it.

Now, I also realized that I would likely have no way to tell if I had made a difference unless one of my twelve readers was bold enough to comment... the odds of which I already knew were low. But lo and behold, signs from you and from a universal order have started trickling in:

A former grad school classmate reached out to share that my work and my words were "inspiring [her] to recommit to [her] art and activism in Chile."

A former family friend shared that the themes I shared about over the summer helped her "navigate feelings and thoughts [in] making the right choices for our future."

And still more breadcrumbs of appreciation, resonance and synchronicity.

While I've been making it my job to unhook my self-worth from both praise and criticism (thank you Tara Mohr ), feedback like this has given me a reason beyond myself to continue showing up here each week.

This past year of showing up to write here on Wild Surrender has simply and profoundly been a playground for becoming. So, thank you for playing and reading along. I'm so glad to learn that it has meant something for many of you.

As promised, here are 10 lessons that have learned on repeat from one year of consistent blogging:

1. Choosing to trust in a design greater than my own knowing- Good Orderly Direction- is radically shifting my ability to tolerate pain as a teacher and to transform fear into faith through creative action.

2. Failure is not missing the goal. Failure is the unwillingness to look up and learn in the pursuit of it.

3. Consistency in any domain is a game changer... and the key to becoming successful at just about anything.

4. No matter the outcome you desire currently, prioritizing simplicity, ease and joy is the path. But, often arriving to the path means allowing ourselves to wade through the noise and muck on the way.

5. Developing greater intuition is a powerful guide in any endeavor.

6. What gives you meaning and purpose from season to season is allowed to shift.

7. Curiosity and play matter to our well-being. So does rest.

8. Permission to do nothing increases productivity and reignites inspiration.

9. It's not always about hitting your goal, but who you become in the process.

10. I'm learning to be my own best friend, mother, lover and teacher while accepting that the pursuit is a lifetime's work, and oh so worth it.

I hope you'll take some time to explore this space with curiosity. Integration is happening little by little and I invite you to leave comments, questions, requests for content or even critiques. Share it if you know someone who could use some food for thought or inspiration.

Most of all, I just want to thank you for being here and hope that you find pieces of your own becoming in this human's wild surrender to creative transformation.

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