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Confidence + Creativity

When we commit to the exploration of our own creativity and especially when we are gifted this experience in relation to others who care about us, new worlds open up within and around us.

I know this not only because I have lived it over the last 13 years (8 of which have been applied to building a multifaceted business), but because I have facilitated this process in thousands of children, families, and organizations as well.

The practice of creativity-- of trying and completing new things that challenge and excite us-- expands our capabilities and our confidence. The myriad of skills we encounter in creative practice develops greater courage, compassion, and clarity of self. The value here is immeasurable because these learnings can be applied to any endeavor in nuanced ways.

With ongoing creative development, we are no longer confined to who we have been. We get to expand to a burgeoning new self; one that is bolder, kinder, more resilient, and aligned with the things that matter to us.

What is so profound about this cycle of growth is that it's never ending. Each new season of making, tinkering, collaborating, and exploring holds the keys to yet a new door of self discovery. The question is whether we have the patience to stick with it through the ebb to the flow.

Over time, a new sense of self emerges; one in which the confidence we sought as an adolescent or young adult is not forced but quietly slipped into. Like that favorite pair of jeans that fit perfectly and feel so good. We can remember when they were new and stiff and slightly aspirational. Over time we shaped them-- or maybe they shaped us.

From aspiration to inspiration. From cautious to confident. From fearful to grateful.

These are just some of the transformations inherent in unleashing our power through creative practice. It's not about the medium. It doesn't matter whether we're talking about painting or singing or acting or dancing or cooking or building a non-profit or designing a new product for our business. Beyond the medium is the joy, challenges and discovery baked into creation of any kind.

What one will see time and again if one looks closely at all humans who choose to actively engage with the creative process is that a new sense of confidence starts to grow out of the willingness to engage there.

It's not about accolades or ego, but about the alignment with our own nature. Alignment with a a creative force larger than ourselves that calls us and honors those who are courageous enough to listen.

The gift of this effort is the confidence to become our true selves, joy in the becoming, and the wisdom to recognize that what makes us unique is also what unites us all together in the human experience: growth through creative expression.

If you've had a call on your heart to create something... an idea that keeps following you... this is your sign to pursue it and trust that it holds an important next step in your growth.

Speaking of growth:

We're over here marveling that this March is our 8th year in business! There's me and three other amazing women all helping us deliver and expand this mission to empower kids and families with tools for holistic transformation.

There's so much that I've learned that I want to share. As I reflect on the growth over the past 8 years, above all I feel gratitude. I am not the same person I was when I started this thing and I feel proud that what I've created is also helping others grow in positive and meaningful ways.

To share my gratitude for the past 8 years and excitement for what's ahead, I'm hosting a massive giveaway. Read on to learn about the goodies and how to enter...


✨ 1 Limited Edition heARTful pillow from the Shop for Good (you get to choose)

PLUS we're hosting a 20% off SALE all month long in the Shop for Good.

Use Code: BIZ-AVERSARY8 at checkout

How to WIN:

We will randomly select winners-- actually some of our heARTful Kids will-- through a drawing. Each of the following will be an additional entry into the drawing. The more entries you have the better your odds of winning!

TO ENTER you can:

✨ Follow our new Linked In page and comment one post.

✨ Share heART Club or heARTful Kids in your stories and tag us.

✨ Follow our coming soon Pinterest Page so you can see the awesome resources that our project manager, Morgan, is going to share with you!

✨ Subscribe to our Youtube channel so you're notified when our new videos come out!

✨ Make sure you're subscribed to our heARTful newsletter on Fridays (you can opt in on the bottom of our homepage or the bottom of the Shop for Good).

We are so grateful you are here. Thank you for believing in our heARTful mission with us! 💖

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