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You are the miracle

Happy Holidays!

As a gift, here is a prayer/poem for the miracle that is you:

Belief is a funny thing:

a knowing of wondrous things unseen.

Easy to lose,

but always there when you choose

to see with your heart

that we are never truly apart.

Our faith in one another is our most sacred holding,

while learning to believe in this gift, our greatest unfolding.

Hope is a conduit for miracles, they say...

but, how we might ask, may I remember each day?

When disease and disaster and doubt all abound,

we must remember that love can always be found.

Inside there is always a choice to be made.

For clarity and peace and change I have prayed.

That you will know miracles are true...

That you will feel them within you.

I'm sure you can agree this holiday season feels far from traditional. As we move toward the New Year, take a moment to connect with the power of your belief(s).

While joy and hope can sometimes feel elusive, taking the time to uncover them can also fortify relief through the belief that life's challenges us are shaping us into the people we are meant to become. Wisdom dwells in the willingness to cultivate gratitude through challenging circumstances. Diamonds are made under pressure.

No matter your external circumstances, let yourself choose to see this time as a gift: to reflect, let go of what doesn't serve you, and set intentions for the future.

May you use this season to find stillness; to rest, reflect, and renew your spirit by leaning into your values. If you have young children running around, find a way to take a few moments, just for you. If you're isolated from the people you love or finding yourself overwhelmed with the "shoulds," take a beat.

Take a breath and find the wonder of being still, just as you are. Gratitude is where our faith muscle grows. In the hardest of times, its best found through the rest of mind, body, and soul.

Faith, joy, and hope are deeply needed in the world. They are always available to us when we choose to slow down and cultivate gratitude for all that we have and all that we are.

Know that miracles are available to you in every moment through the thoughts you choose. It may feel like a radical idea when the world seems to swirl around us. But, taking a moment to acknowledge your blessings, acknowledge yourself as the blessing, is a gift to the world.

YOU are a miracle should you choose to believe it. So, today (and everyday) honor the power of believing in miracles. Embrace the joy of standing in the miracle that is you and see if you don't stand a little taller in your hope for the future.

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