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Mothering Yourself

Our mission to help raise a generation of compassionate, creative leaders extends beyond the kids we love so much. We believe that parenting oneself is a lifelong process. To be great parents, teachers, and well adjusted adult leaders, we must continue the work of maturing socially, emotionally, and spiritually. For this heart work, creativity becomes the ultimate tool and a path forward when we feel lost.

Learning how to mother ourselves is a process of creating and maintaining healthy boundaries with ourselves and those around us. It's heart work that requires awareness, honesty, introspection, and the courage to enact change where needed... and maybe even some who power.

Sometimes mothering ourselves looks like having greater compassion and grace with ourselves and other times it's about being more firm in filtering our thoughts and habits. Sometimes, it's about prioritizing more time for play. The hard part is that just like raising actual children, it's a moment by moment process that ranges the spectrum of human emotions. Ascending and descending the spectrum is messy, which makes it easy to be overly critical or too lax on ourselves.

The question is:

Are you making a point to be present? The present moment is where we not only find greater balance, but joy and awe in the ebbs and flows of our own holistic growth.

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